Jonathan Swift +

  Gulliver's Travels - 100  

1931 - 1939

1941 - 1947

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Battle of the Books   / Tale of a Tub  

1954 - 1958



  Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings - 100 

  a Modest Proposal  

1958 - 1975

1979 - 1986

1985 - 1986

DJ by Stephen Alcorn


+ Works by this author in Modern Library anthologies include:
Inference The Latin Poets
From Verses on the death of Dr. Swift and from To a Lady Who Desired I Would Write Some Verses in the Heroic Style The Poetry of Freedom
Parody of Robert Boyle: A Meditation upon a Broom-stick and The Humble Petetition of of Francis Harris Parodies from Chaucer to Beerbohm and After
A Gentle Echo on Woman and On An Upright Judge An Anthology of Light Verse
Abroad and at Home What Cheer