Notes on Tchekov's Rothschild's Fiddle

The folks at Modern Library seemed to have trouble with the spelling of Tchekov's/Chekov's name. As a glance of the dust jackets illustrated on the Chekov page shows, sometimes they'd spell it one way on one title, then change to the other way on another title.

In at least one printing of Rothschild's Fiddle (1930), they spelled it one way on the dust jacket and another way in the book's biographical introduction. But evidently afraid to make a commitment even there, they failed to print either name on the title page (illustrated left).

First copyright page text:     [ none ]

First binding style:     1

First inverse DJ number:      [ none -- B-L Catalog 3 ]

Dates in print:     1917 - 1930

Toledano number:    031.1


Confirmed buckram sighting?            no

Genre:     Short Stories

Curriculum:     20th Century Russian Literature

Original language:      Russian

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Henry Toledano John Petersaon Bill Hornick

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