O'Hara's Selected Short Stories
Table of Contents

Introduction by Lionel Trilling

The Decision
Everything Satisfactory
The Moccasins
Doctor and Mrs. Parsons
A Phase of Life
Walter T. Carriman
Now We Know
Too Young
Summer’s Day
The King of the Desert
Bread Alone
Graven Image
The Next-to-Last Dance of the Season
Where’s the Game?
Mrs. Whitman
Price’s Always Open
The Cold House
Are We Leaving Tomorrow?
No Mistakes
The Ideal Man
Do You Like It Here?
The Doctor’s Son
Hotel Kid
The Public Career of Mr. Seymour Harrisburg\
In the Morning Sun
War Aims
Secret Meeting
Other Women’s Households
Over the River and Through the Wood
I Could Have Had a Yacht
A Respectable Place

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