Maupassant's Best Stories
Table of Contents

Selected and Introduced by Saxe Commins

Mademoiselle Fifi
Vain Beauty
The Horla
Madame Tellier’s Excursion
The Piece of String
The Story of a Farm Girl
That Pig of a Morin
The Umbrella
Was It a Dream?
The False Gems
Hautot Senior and Hautot Junior
A Family Affair
A Normandy Joke
The Diamond Necklace
In the Moonlight
The Little Cask
A Fishing Excursion
Julie Romain
The Specter
My Uncle Sosthenes
The Duel
A Vagabond
Madame Parisse
One Phase of Love
Simon’s Papa
The Vendetta
The Farmer’s Wife
A Matter of Business
The Signal
Love’s Awakening
The Olive Grove
A Country Excursion
The Diary of a Madman
Two Little Soldiers
The White Wolf
The Devil
A Lucky Burglar
The Mad Woman
A Costly Outing
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John Peterson

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