Index to Thirty Famous One-Act Plays

Thirty Famous One-Act Plays
Table of Contents

Barrie, James M. The Twelve Pound Look
Beach, Lewis The Clod
Brooke, Rupert Lithuania
Chekov, Anton The Boor
Coward, Noel Fumed Oak
Dunsany, Lord A Night at an Inn
France, Anatole The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife
Galsworthy, John The Little Man
Gerstenberg, Alice Overtones
Glaspell, Susan Suppressed Desires
Goodman, Kenneth Sawyer The Game of Chess
Gregory, Lady The Rising of the Moon
Hall, Holworthy & Middlemass, Robert The Valiant
Houghton, Stanley The Dear Departed
Jacobs, W.W. The Monkey's Paw
Kaufman, George S. If Men Played Cards As Women Do
Langner, Lawrence Another Way Out
Meterlinck, Maurice The Miracle of St. Anthony
Millay, Edna St. Vincent Aria Da Capo
Moeller, Philip Helena's Husband
Odets, Clifford Waiting For Leftie
O'Neill, Eugene In The Zone
Quintero, Serafin & Joaquin A Sunny Morning
Saroyan, William Hello Out There
Schnitzler, Arthur The Green Cockatoo
Shaw, Irwin Bury the Dead
Strindberg, August Miss Julie
Strong, Austin The Drums of Oude
Synge, J.M. Riders to the Sea
Wilde, Oscar Salome