Modern Library Promotional Posters

Few posters have been reported promoting the Modern Library series -- in fact, we only know of six, and four of those are likely from the same year!

The earliest ones were submitted by Sam Gottlieb of Camelback Books in Scottsdale AZ. These extremely rare pieces are heavy posterboard measuring about 11" X 15" each. He first saw these posters in a bookshop in Monterey Clifornia in about 1995 and spent the next three years convinving the owner to part with them. He won't reveal how much he paid.

These four posters are from 1934 or 1935 (prices for Giants went to $1.10 in 1936). The dust jackets on the posters are not depictions - they are real dust jackets that have been cut up and pasted onto the posterboard.


The dust jacket images on the poster below are photographic reproductions. The poster is from 1932 judging by the titles and the price.


The poster below is much later. Submitted by long-time ModernLib contributor John Wolansky, this one is 24 7/8” wide by 16 7/8” high and the latest book listed is Heller from 1966. (Click the poster for a blown up image.)