Boni-Liveright 1917-1918 Front Catalogs

For the first five releases of new titles in the series, Boni-Liveright put current lists of volumes at the front of most books on the back of the half-title page. You can use these lists to date early B-L volumes and first printings. Catalog numbers are per Toledano.

Thanks to John Wolansky for the scans.

Catalog #: C1

Date: May 1917

Titles listed: 12

Catalog #: C2

Date: July 1917

Titles listed: 18

Catalog #: C3

Date: September 1917

Titles listed: 35

Catalog #: C4

Date: Spring 1918

Titles listed: 50

Catalog #: C5

Date: Fall 1918

Titles listed: 66